Keys Areas to Remember Whilst Expanding your E-commerce Company Internationally

27/03/2018 business opportunities

E-commerce is thriving in most countries, it’s easier to shop, costs the consumer less and helps the business expand is a safer manner. Not needing to find a shop to move to dramatically makes trading overseas easier, however even for e-commerce businesses there are a few steps to engage when to avoid your international trade failing.

Know Your Market

If you are a UK streetwear clothing brand, be sure the country you want to expand into has a desire for the style. Streetwear is a massive current trend in countries, such as Japan, China and the USA, however, is France and Germany, for example, they aren’t as established yet it’s risky setting up a website or international trade options if the demand isn’t going to be strong, research is key to success overseas. Mesh trucker caps might be on trend in one country but offering alternatives for colder countries might be better, considering weather is also important.

Tailor the Website

If the country you intend on trading in speaks another language be sure to make professional alterations to your website. It isn’t just a case of formatting the language to meet their needs, hiring a specialist to tailor the on-site text so it looks naturally readable to the desired audience. Anyone who has used google translate for example, as impressive as it is because it automatically translated some sentences for look natural to a foreign reader.

International Delivery

In the beginning, it might seem easier to pay whatever the current rate for international delivery is. However, getting in touch with delivery services and discovering the cheapest option is key. Most services offer a cheaper price if bulk deliveries are going to become frequent and establishing this price easier, the better it is for the business. find a company with a good international reputation so your overseas customers are likely to repeat their custom.

International delivery is the lower risk option rather than trying to set up a warehouse too early on, if you find the business in a country is taking off, working out if it’s cheaper to set up there or continue to deliver overseas is best to keep costs down.

Law and Legislation

As mentioned before, research is key, it might be hard to consider but even the most trivial issues in one country can be a big problem in another country. Reading up on whether your product will be legal overseas is important, different materials chemicals or even the product might not be suitable. If best to find out first before making any commitments as you might waste a lot of money putting your brand into another country.