Simple Small Business Ideas You Can Start from Home

27/03/2018 small business

Most people have a passion project that they dream about, but most of the time they might not be realistic or too risky in their current lifestyle. Although most people can find a career they are happy with, having a side project that can be started from home offers little risk, here are 4 ideas for businesses you can start from home that won’t put your current lifestyle at risk.


The market for mens gymwear is massive currently, people are looking for alternative brands to the sports giants. Although the giants such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armour dominate the market, other small companies are making a lot of money from offering unique styles that the big companies don’t feature. If you have a creative side, you can design fitness clothing with an iconic logo and limited edition designs that can be manufactured affordably. This is a great business to start from home and build into a successful e-commerce business, the only real overheads to consider is the manufacturing of the clothing and that can be controlled depending on the demand.

Freelance Writer/ Editor

If your creativity comes from writing, becoming a freelancer is a great option. With a strong portfolio and the right enthusiasm, it can become a well-paid career that is easily adapted to your other commitments. A lot of people find satisfaction from writing whether it’s personal opinions and experiences or researched informative topics, and to get paid for this passion just makes it better. It’s a career path that doesn’t run the risk of taking over your life from expansion, you can control the quantity of work you take on constantly.


An ideal job for anyone with a good eye for photography, becoming a photographer has a number avenues to explore. For weekend work, weddings, christenings and other events are all perfect for getting involved in, plenty of people are looking for cheaper alternatives for their evens to keep their costs down, you can help them by offering a lower price for your services rather than they looking into professional business that will charge a lot more. It might mean putting some hours in on Photoshop, but it’s a limitless area to explore, even taking photos for local newspapers is less demanding, however, the work is likely hard to get paid for consistently.

Social Media Marketing

Thousands of small businesses are created yearly and because social media is a free advertising platform, some small businesses are willing to pay someone else to keep up with their online social media presence. There’s a lot of work for small business owners, so laying off this task to someone else can help with their workload, and for your maintaining, multiple social media account can become can become an easy and lucrative home business. it’s mainly about finding clients that will need your services, and maintaining their needs and a high level of professionalism constantly, other than that, the daily routine is set by the business and its just following their guidelines.