´╗┐Getting a Personal Loan without Bank Statement

07/02/2019 Uncategorized

Though applying for a loan has become easy, there are still some aspects that remain a little tedious. One of these aspects is document submission and verification. With all the different documents the lender asks you to submit, confusion is bound to arise. It takes a lot of time and puts a lot of pressure on you to get all your documents up to date. Often, you might not wish to give the bank or non-banking financial corporation your bank statement. Typically, when you are applying for a loan, you are asked to submit your bank statement. Although, technically they have no use of it since all the information they would require would be easily available from your credit score and credit report. Some lenders advance loans with minimal paperwork. Standard Chartered process the Standard Chartered Bank Personal Loan with minimal paperwork such as identification and address proof.

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